About Film at Sea Nordic AB 

The Film at Sea company provides a film service for persons who work at sea. 

First month free for new customers.
Send a mail, call + 46 (0) 708 16 88 00 or fill in this form.

Film at Sea offers:

Select between two packages that contain 6 films on DVDs that will
arrive every month. Both packages (A and B) contain Swedish subtitles for each film.
You can find more information here.
Subscription fee
The subscription fee depends on the number of persons who are working onboard.
Please contact us for more information.

Subscription conditions in brief
The films cannot be copied or forwarded to any third party.
The DVDs must be destroyed twelve (12) months after receiving them.
The films are for use onboard ships in international waters only.
The service is duty-free in transfer to a vessel as per the customs convention concerning welfare material for seafarers (Brussels 1964).