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See the winning short films

First prize goes to Lisa Josephson (an ex student at Öckerö High School maritime program) and Frida Swahnberg (student at Chalmers, Gothenburg) for their film about fishermen in Val Paraiso, Chile: Bläckfiskfångare på Stilla havet

Second prize winner Percy Bloom takes us on a world wide trip on a merchant ship with his film Sailing world wide 8

Third prize winner Nicklas Hegelund has made a humoristic short take about being tired
onboard. Watch his short film Fatigue

Special thanks to the sponsors Sjöfartens kultursällskap and Sjömanskyrkan i Stockholm


If you want to read more about he competion, please read the text below:

Make a short film and compete in Film at Sea’s “Sea Short” contest 2011.

You’re qualified to compete if …
. You are enrolled in a maritime education program in a high school, college, or university in Sweden.
2. You work at sea (i) onboard the Swedish merchant fleet, regardless of nationality or (ii) with a Swedish discharge book onboard ships, regardless of flag.

To compete, at least one contestant in the film project must comply with item 1 or 2 above. All film entries must be made during 2011 and must be linked to life on board or on shore.

Documentaries or fiction films are allowed. Maximal runtime is 15 minutes. Many times it is better to keep a short take short. Fifteen minutes should be considered as rather long. Five minutes is often an appropriate runtime.

5 reasons to participate in Sea Short 2011
1. 10 000 SEK is awarded as a first prize, sponsored by Sjöfartens Kultursällskap
2. 7 000 SEK is awarded as a second prize and
3. 3 000 SEK as the third prize, both sponsored by Sjömanskyrkan in Stockholm
4. The jury consists of Gothenburg’s International Film Festival participants.
5. You can participate without owning sophisticated equipment.

You can use a digital video camera as well as a cell phone camera.  Video editing programs need not be expensive. If you have a PC, then you probably have Windows Movie Maker available, and Mac users often have iMovie.

Before you start, find out more here:
Wikipedia guide
BBC guide

Remember: Respect copyright regulations. You must pay to use music that someone else created -- unless the composer has been dead for 70 years. All competitors are responsible for all material used in the films.
Find out more about music rights here

Motivating, encouraging short film . . .
Looking for inspiration? Why not visit (YouTube) or see
those night mare passengers or
Laurel and Hardy in action

Please contact us if you want to link your short take to this web site.

The competition is prolongued to the date below:
We want your contribution by 15 mars 2012.