About the founder of Film at Sea Nordic AB

Ann Nordström

Ann Nordström
Film at Sea Nordic AB

My mission is to offer quality film service for seafarers. How? By leveraging my experiences
of working with film in the maritime sector.

For more than 20 years, I’ve been involved
with selecting feature films for Swedish seafarers, first at the Swedish Government Seamen's Service and then at the Swedish Maritime Administration. Over time, users have rated this film service highly -- due to good, varied selections of films. Besides gaining this experience, I attended film school and studied journalism and communications.

I intend to continue delivering top-quality
service -- but now in my own company. By applying my knowledge of films from other sectors, Film at Sea operates efficiently and maintains a constant, general overview of the film industry, which facilitates finding unexpected, exciting films for every film package.

My goal is to find the touching or the entertaining – something outside the ordinary. To mix Hollywood films with fun, exciting, and unexpected films.